It’s a simple concept: if you feed your staff well, they'll serve you well in return.


Staff Meals of the World looks at how restaurants and workplaces can use food to foster a sense of community and build team morale.

This project started as a collaboration between Henry Hargreaves and Lauren Levinger as a regular column for The Food Life; now, it's its own stand-alone site. Unlike other books about staff meals, this series focuses less on the food itself and more on the ritual surrounding it.


New Zealand born photographer and food artist, Henry is the co-founder of Staff Meals of the World.

Henry now lives in Brooklyn, NY and likes to use food as the common denominator between the subject and the viewer to help explore this complicated relationship we all have with what we eat...

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Shoko Wanger is a writer and editor based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Lauren if the founder of The Food Life, a food centric, personality driven site of curated content, 'real food, exceptional people.' The Staff Meals collaboration began here.

Lauren lives between New York and Los Angeles and has over 8 years experience working as a communications strategist in the fashion, entertainment and beauty industries.

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Jimmy Pham

Born in Texas, raised in California, and now currently based in New York, Jimmy is a visual story teller working in both photography and film mediums. 

Drawing inspiration from culture and music, Jimmy's vibrant and inquisitive style takes cues from his adventurous travels in both natural and urban environments.

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